Customer Care

A Yearly Preventative Maintenance Program

Our homeowners requested we maintain their home from construction to the yearly service their home requires. They said, "Who knows our home better than you?"

Many clients live remotely, and they were frustrated with the choices they previously had when it came to maintaining their home. They may have a good company checking it weekly, but they knew they needed more.

They suggested that our company would become the maintenance resource that brings the tradesman who originally installed their systems back to maintain them.  Today, this program is a reality exclusively for Buffington construction clients.  We call it our Yearly Preventative Maintenance Program.  Our homeowner's call it peaceful relaxation because they no longer have to think about scheduling all of the services required to keep a complex home functioning at its highest and most beautiful level.

The Preventative Maintenance begins each year with a thorough, written inspection, and continues with a schedule of routine services.  We are told this solution is unique, and it resolves a longstanding problem for homeowners.  The program bridges the gap from construction to ongoing maintenance.  The Customer Care team uses all of the information which was stored on our client web portal starting with your plans, product specs and installation diagrams down to details such as your original paint colors.


Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air to love our home again.  A custom renovation may be the answer. 

Renovation Gallery

Whether it is a major renovation or a minor adjustment to make your home fit your current lifestyle, Buffington Homes will transform your home to meet your needs. Renovations are a viable option when considering the purchase of specific properties. Some of the best lots have existing older homes.

The problem for most purchasers, architects, and realtors is there are common questions such as: What is the real condition of the home? What would it cost to renovate? How much time would it take? Can its location support the investment one would make?

Are you wondering if a renovation is an option? We are happy to meet with you and understand what you would like to change, study the property, and report the results. Most people pass on opportunities because they do have answers to these questions.