Atlantic Beach

Eugenia Oceanfront



Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air to love our home again. A custom renovation may be the answer.

Whether it is a whole home renovation or a minor adjustment to make your home fit your current lifestyle, Buffington Homes will transform your home to meet your needs. Renovations are a viable option when considering the purchase of certain properties. Some of the best lots have existing older homes.

The problem for most purchasers, architects, and realtors is there are common questions such as:  What is the real condition of the home? What would it cost to renovate?  How much time would it take?  Can its location support the investment one would make?

Are you wondering if a renovation is an option? We are happy to meet with you and understand what you would like to change, study the property, and report the results. Most people pass on opportunities because they do have answers to these questions.