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After Move-In

Yearly Preventative Maintenance

What if the stress of maintaining your home’s beauty year after year is Buffington Homes’ job?  Your job is to enjoy it.

Protect your home investment with our Yearly Preventative Maintenance program.  It includes a set of the necessary maintenance services throughout each year to keep your home functioning as if it were new.  The maintenance is scheduled and managed by Buffington Homes’ Customer Service.  The program ensures ongoing maintenance is initiated and monitored and is the responsibility of our company, your builder.

The original tradesmen who installed your systems will come back to maintain them.  Who knows your home better?  This program is available exclusively for Buffington construction clients.  It is our answer to stress-free ownership.  No longer will you have to find the right handyman to maintain your systems as the manufacturer prescribes.  Your vacation time is yours!  You won’t waste it waiting for service agents to arrive.  Most importantly, you will have offloaded all the services required to keep a complex home functioning at its highest and most beautiful level. 

Maintenance begins each year with a thorough, written inspection and continues with a regular schedule of routine services.  Homeowners tell us this solution is unique and resolves a longstanding problem for them.  The customer care team uses all of the information stored on our homeowner web portal, your plans, product specs, and installation diagrams down to details such as your original paint colors, to perform its work.  Each year your written inspection is provided to you and stored under your home’s partition on our homeowner web portal.

Customer Service and Warranty

Buffington Homes also offers full-service maintenance and repair.  Our warranty exceeds all of the standard programs.  Also, as stated in our Renovations section, the company handles Renovations from minor adjustments to make your home fit your current lifestyle or major transformations as requested.  The same extensive warranty covers your renovation work.