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Our client’s trust is an invitation and honor we do not take lightly. Their homes reflect the culmination of true partnership.

Paul Lieber:
“Trevor, their son, has the same values as his Dad, he is interested in the same quality control, doing the right thing, and making sure the customer is happy. I don’t think he would stand for folks who don’t have those values. I think they’ve done a very good job setting up for transition. We feel very comfortable that when we have issues down the road the same family is there with the same values and he’ll stand behind it. “

Rene and Steve Chronert:
“Trevor is so honest and educated about building, it gave us comfort knowing he was in charge because we were in Connecticut. My favorite part of the building process was we got a report with photos and web site access every Friday. It included the plan for the next week describing what was going to take place. It also showed pictures of what was accomplished based upon the plan from the week before. It was like we were here onsite. There was no stress!”

Shehab Family:
“The Buffington’s were very involved in the design process because it is a very complicated house. Many of the things we’ve done haven’t been done here before. As a builder myself, I respected the way they handled difficult details. They just did it. They were easy to work with. As much as I don’t want to build another home right now, I would do it. I would build another house with the Buffington’s because it was so much fun.”

Carla and Carl Powe:
“It was not just a good experience building with the Buffington’s. It was a pleasurable experience. I cannot say enough good not only about the Buffington family but the team, the product, attention to detail and the follow through were perfect. Their tag line is We Build It As If It Were Our Own. That is more accurate than any other term I could use about their whole team.”

Industry Awards

Recognized by the Industry

It seems every company proclaims they are the best. In our case, the industry experts declare it. Our first International Award is the Americas Property Award called New Orleans Reimagined. See the details below.  Other honors include 10 National, Best in American Living Awards, the Nation’s Top Award Home of the Year, and The Wall Street Journal’s Dream Home Award. Home Builder Executive magazine rated Dan Buffington as one of the Nation’s Top Custom Builder Presidents for four consecutive years.
More remarkably, three architects and five builders selected the company when building their personal residences. This honor surpasses our awards. It is the greatest testament to the Buffington teams’ excellence.

International Property Award Single Family Residence Award Winner

It is with great pride that we congratulate Swallowtail Architecture, one of our Architect Partners, as the winner of the Americas Property Award for Architecture – Single Residence.  It is an honor to participate with them, building a home of this caliber.  See the slide show above called New Orleans Reimagined.  The International Property Award competition covers Europe, UK, Asia Pacific, Dubai, Africa, Arabia, and the Americas.  What is most significant is only 12 other projects across the entire United States received this award.

The National Association of Home Builders, NAHB, Builder 20 Clubs
The NAHB screens builders before they can join the elite Builder 20 Club. Our 20 Club is comprised of twenty residential construction executives carefully screened and selected by the NAHB. The association matches companies with those of comparable size and scope from regions outside their company’s location.

The result is an industry club that meets twice yearly for a Board Meeting and advice via roundtable discussions and educational sessions. One of the most significant benefits of membership is the role it provides as a small companies Board of Directors. They critique, analyze, and consult on all aspects of our building business.

The club members stay in touch with a private group server for information not readily available in the local marketplace.

The Builder 20 Clubs are a partnership of some of the Nation’s finest builders. The Club has made our company a better building business.

Please enjoy browsing some of our fellow Builder 20 Club members’ websites below:

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