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We Believe:

in building homes as if they were our own, to last generations.

we build homes, not houses.

in honesty and integrity above all else, including profit.

in over-servicing our homeowners and always going the extra mile.

in hiring the best craftsmen and using the highest quality building materials.

if we cannot do the job properly, we should not do the job.

if the home isn’t built right, it doesn’t matter what kind of “lipstick” you put on it.

we must always stand behind our work, no matter the cost.

we don’t cut corners.

About Buffington Homes

We’re in the homebuilding business, the shelter where people live, laugh, and enjoy comfort.  It’s a people business.  When your building experience is good, we’ve done our job.  Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship build trust in our ability to understand and, more importantly, care about your dreams.  We strive to fill our homes with the beauty that lives in your hearts and minds.

As a family-owned and operated business, we instruct our team to “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.”

As Kiawah homeowners, we are committed to our clients as friends and neighbors.  We encourage prospective clients to talk with any of our current homeowners to confirm that we genuinely build our homes with a passion most people reserve only for their personal projects.  The way to make this happen is to hire team members who commit to our mission.



We Build It As If It Were Our Own.

Dan Buffington, Founder

In 1995, we bought our lot at 48 Ocean Course on Kiawah Island.  Cathy and I moved our children a few months later.  They were 8, 12, and 14 years old at the time.  We had searched for a community where the family comes first for years.

If you know Kiawah, you’ll agree it was a great decision.  My passion for construction began in the late eighties when I invested in a homebuilding partnership with a team of highly skilled builders.  The project was to build custom homes on 200 acres of land in our neighborhood.

Shortly after our move, I started Buffington Homes.  The company is now 26 years old.  We’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of homeowners who have since become great friends.  

In 2007 Trevor, our son, joined the family business, and it thrilled us to add our second generation to the team.  He combines his architectural and construction expertise, project management, and people skills to delight our clients.  His obsession with quality and empathy for an excellent homeowner experience ensures clients achieve great results.  It is one of our greatest pleasures to work together.

I’m proud to say he has purchased the company, and I now report to him as a Project Manager.  Cathy continues to work with our Homeowners.  Life has taken me full circle, and I’m building homes which I was driven to do.  I know; I’m one lucky guy.

Trevor Buffington, Owner

Anyone who knows my parents would agree they are not ready to retire.  Buffington Homes began with my dad’s passion for people, his heart of gold, and his desire to be the best builder in South Carolina.

His dream soon became mine.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a major in Business Management, I went to Arizona State to study Architecture.  It was there that I discovered my real passion is construction.

I grew up on Kiawah and began working in our construction business during High School and College breaks.  I worked for our framer and learned trade skills and the value of hard physical labor.

I’m very proud of our team as we all work together to exercise great care in building the highest quality structures and providing the best homeowner experience.

When building your home, we surround ourselves with individuals we can trust to understand and create your dreams.  We only work with artisans who share our values, which are:

Honesty, respect, creativity, and that desire to be the best.

Despite my love for building, my wife and business partner, Joanna, our 5 1/2 -year-old Hayden, and 3 ½  yr. old, Porter, are my number one joy.  Take a look below, and you’ll see why!

Cathy Buffington, Selections Coordinator

A move like ours changed everything for our family.  I had spent years in the corporate world managing teams devoted to large computer networks.  When we relocated to Kiawah, my travel demands increased enough to convince me to join our business.  Dan had done significant heavy-lifting to start it, and he needed help.

I assumed the job of the company’s “Selections Coordinator.” My role is to provide a stress-free building experience.  Our homebuilding practice has shown that communication between all teams is critical.   Once your Architect has translated your dreams to plans, your designer, trade resources, and the construction team must ensure it is built just like you picture it.  My job is to do what I must to make that happen.  I’ll shop with you and your designer to understand your goals and help the construction team with questions about your decisions.  At the end of the process, my goal for each Homeowner is best articulated by Maryanne Rademacher-Hershey.

“May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”

Joanna Buffington, Partner

Trevor and I met in college at the beginning of our Freshman year, and we were married in 2008.  When Trevor went to Architecture School at Arizona State, I was able to gain construction administration experience working for a custom design builder in Scottsdale, Arizona.

After relocating to Johns Island for fifteen years, I worked for a multi-state restaurant firm’s downtown headquarters.  There my position centered around Office Administration.  My focus was on Human Resources and Accounting.  After handling fifteen hundred employees, the family assumed it would be a vacation working with our small team.  At that point, we decided to add Customer Service and Office Management to my list of responsibilities.

At work, we’re called on to provide an excellent homebuilding experience.  At home, our little guys call on me because I’m their Mommy.